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What’s New in Fortnite Season 7: Insane New Map Change!

Fortnite season 7 has arrived with lots of new items, gear, and features!  One of the features is an insane map change that is more than one fourth of the entire island. This change (as you know) is in winter which means there is snow! Also an old location Greasy Groove is now in ice and is no longer a named location. Shifty Shafts is completely covered in snow, Tilted Towers is partially covered, and Snobby Shores is mostly covered. The unnamed places affected by this snow are the Vikings Mountain, the Six Factories have been hit by a glacier, and Soccer Field is snow covered also. Flush Factory has been destroyed. A small change is the giant wooden chair has now been changed to a wooden sled! Last of the map changes is the three new named locations.

  1. Happy Hamlet which is a little christmas/winter village with lodges and winter stuff like that, and there are snowboards, drift boards, and snowboard lifts!
  2. The next location is Polar Peak, this one is very interesting. It is a castle but at first it was just the top of a castle, and now it is a huge castle! It belongs to the tier 100 skin, the Ice King.
  3. The last place that is new is called Frosty Flights. It is an airstip for the new airplanes!!

The airplanes have 800 health and the driver can shoot the double barrel turret! It also has 5 seats! The 4 passengers can shoot the guns they have in their inventory while flying. Another cool thing they added is ziplines. You can find these anywhere there is a valley or a mountain. They are very useful to get some high ground.

The last but not least is Creative Mode! A brand new way to build whatever you want! You can use any building in the game with a portafort and copy and paste the pieces to build anything you want! They also added new traps like boost pads and player spawners and obstacle courses just for Creative! Try everything now by getting Fortnite today!

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