Fortnite X Godzilla Event

Something is coming, something BIG…  

    The iceberg at Polar Peak has been cracking ever since the volcano shot it, and now a huge frozen eye has been revealed! This eye is identical to the eye of the three headed dragon in the movie “Godzilla King of Monsters“! In fact the similarities between the movie and the strange occurrences in Fortnite are striking! Coincidence? I think not.

(Spoiler Alert)

    In the Godzilla movie, the three headed dragon was frozen in an iceberg (just like the monster in Fortnite)! When the three headed dragon escaped it went to a volcano (which fortnite also has) and met up will another titan—a giant hawk (Rodan) who was summoned out of the volcano. Ghidorah (the three headed dragon) then summoned all 13 other titans from around the globe with a screeching cry (a cry which is also coming from the iceberg in Fortnite right now)! This could possibly be a big team mode with Ghidorah and Godzilla on opposite teams.

Eye in Polar Peak

    More evidence of monsters coming to Fortnite very soon is in the item shop. Added today was the demon skin with wings and horns and a monster skull pickaxe dripping lava. What does all this mean? We can’t be sure, put I’ve got my eyes on Polar Peak!

What do you think?


Written by Micah


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