Fortnite Season 7 Summary

Fortnite season 7 is finally here! From camos to airplanes to Creative Mode, this season has it all! First, about the Battle Pass. The 100 tier fun packed Battle Pass has Christmas skins, snow skins, camos, hamsters, burrrgers and more! Still 950 vbucks and (in my opinion) the best season yet!

Other than the Battle Pass, you can now take to the skies with the all new airplanes and zip your way across the map with the zip lines! Don’t feel like a flight? Hop onto the new Creative Mode to do whatever you want with any structure in the game, or jump out of the Battle Bus to find 3 new locations—Polar Peak, Happy Hamlet, and Frosty Flights. Also you can see that a fourth of the map is covered in snow and ice! Ready to get that tier 100 Ice King?

Play it today for free on Xbox one, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, ios, or android. Also check out Llamasir on youtube for the best weekly challenge guilds. Hope this helped and a good fort-night to you.                                                                        Download Fortnite Now At


                                                                                       -microsoft store on xbox one-

-nintendo store on nintendo switch-


                                                             -galaxy apps-

Other articles that go into more detail about the specific things


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